Lyn Devon – Fall 2012 – Rescuing The 50s

February 22, 2012 12:10 pm

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story by Graham M. Steffen
photos by Zoe Hiigli
web editor Rachel Reneé

Observing Lyn Devon’s presentation of her Fall 2012 collection, one has the initial sense of stepping back in time to the late 1950s. Like past seasons, the outfits are consciously based on the classic American styles of that period, worn by women such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis. Ms. Devon modernizes this style through the use of bold patterns and rich colors. In addition, she makes brilliant but subtle use of pleating and darting to make the outfits more befitting the female form, in essence finishing work others began.

In contrast to her Fall 2011 collection, Ms. Devon has here foregone sheer fabrics and a muted color palette in favor of more masculine lines and rich bursts of deep purples and ochers. She softens the look of her blazers and jackets by tailoring the material to hug the natural curves of a woman’s body. While the pieces appear very structured, the materials used to create them, including mohair, buttery-soft suede, and wool, are traditionally feminine, allowing them to accentuate the figure as opposed to imposing a form upon it. This insistence on using the right materials was also the most difficult aspect of creating the collection, Ms. Devon told me. She sourced many different varieties of angora before she found one that fit her purposes. One of the more visually and tactilely interesting outfits in the collection was a skirt and top made from laser-cut leather that resembled miniature hearts. The delicacy of the fabric gave evidence to Ms. Devon’s attention to detailing.

The Fall 2012 line is very accessible and appropriate for a myriad of different roles. One can imagine many of the outfits being worn into the boardroom as easily as to a picnic in the park. The style does not make a flashy display of power, but rather accentuates a woman’s femininity and subtle charm through traditional forms with modern tailoring and colors. Ms. Devon has shown a keen eye for her clientele by creating a collection that builds on her previous designs and allows the wearer to mix and match pieces from different seasons. It will be interesting to witness how she continues to expand on such a rich foundation in the future.

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