Caroline Hedaya – Spring 2009 Preview

by Charles Beckwith

The Caroline Hedaya Spring 2009 Preview at the Red Market Salon on Gansevoort Street was well attended by a friendly fashion-forward crowd.

Designers Caroline Hedaya and Donna Baxter were well dressed themselves, and presented an interesting collection.

The collection was a bit of a paradox: no frills simple elegant designs… with some frills for fun. My favorite look was a beautifully cut floor-length mother of pearl gown with a tea party bow in the back.

Other standouts were a red cocktail dress with a cascade of pleats coming off the breast, a sleek shimmering dark, almost squid ink-colored, navy blue pant and spaghetti top set, a cocktail dress of the same material, a navy and white polka dot dress, and a smart dark one piece bathing suit.

Some looks felt incongruous in the collection, however. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the plaid pieces in relation to the more serious modern-looking outfits.

Particularly, a plaid dress with a pleat cascade down the rump seemed an unfortunate overextension of the decoration used on the front of other more refined-looking pieces.

At least they were trying new things though, and daring to explore is what is most important.

Overall I liked the show, and thought the designers made an impressive creative showing.

Here is a video recording of the last few seconds of the live presentation:

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