Siki Im – Fall 2011

Mr. Im’s Fall 2011 collection pulls a vibe to it where you can imagine places and people.

story by Dana Varon
photos by Stephen Bodi and Charles Beckwith

Siki Im is not afraid to take risks. He takes them with videos on his site that he calls “motion,” where he takes images, sound, movement, and atmosphere, and melds them together into a short piece of art. The clothing follows suit– Mr. Im’s Fall 2011 collection pulls a vibe to it where you can imagine places and people. This time and place drawing heavily on Native American culture and perhaps the folk that were not exactly in it but around it. Utilising a real dirt runway was a fit for this earthy collection that featured woven Indian blankets fastened as outerwear with large buttons, fitted worn in cardigans, a comfy large robe, and soft drapey pants that have strings and are cupped at the ankle.

Not so earthy that tailoring is lost, as also present are above the ankle slacks, small blazers and big wool coats. Adding a modern inclusion are assymetrical vests, tailored long and short sleeved tee’s with triangular fabric detailing on the pockets, and one with a single pleat down the back and a few more in the front. This detailing, or folding of fabric rather, is also seen on the interesting one piece that looks soft and cozy in the front and like a two-piece outfit in back. All in darker dusty colors except for pops of red and blue. Large hats, feathered braids, mohawks, dark shellacked eyes, and real Native American music completed the “ceremony” as Siki Im calls his presentations, and appropriately so. This show made you feel part of one.

fashion designer Siki Im

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