Michael Angel – A Palette of Passion – Photo Feature

Michael Angel has literally been seeing colors in his head since he was a child.

story and styling by Seth Friedermann
photos by Ned and Aya Rosen
makeup by Laura Stiassni
hair styling by Marisa Bollman
model Jamie Gunns from Ford Model Management

Australian-born designer Michael Angel is building a substantial body of work. Heading now into his eleventh season, his play with colored prints has become a known signature to those in the fashion know. It’s impressive how season after season he creates clothing that bares his bold and beautiful stamp, yet each successive collection is infused with a freshness and feels unique and new. To some extent the cuts and treatments of his designs aid in creating that feeling, but it’s primarily the fact that he is solely internally inspired that allows him to do this. Michael Angel has literally been seeing colors in his head since he was a child. “I come from a very visual childhood. When I was younger I used to see colors in dreams, and I would always have the same kind of dreams, where I would see colors intertwined with each or meshed up together, and I would wake up and think what the hell was that?” His choices in how the colors interplay, or are shaped or focused, is part of the emotional impact of each piece from a collection. This is because he makes those choices based on how it hits him. “I’m very affected by color. It makes me happy, it makes me sad, it moves me, it makes me feel.”

When you look at Michael Angel’s work, it’s important to realize that you are looking at a very pure expression of his artistic sense. He’s intentionally kept it very much just himself exploring colors, fabrics, shapes and all of fashion’s fundamental elements. “Just keep on bettering what you’re doing, because that way it becomes a natural process. I’ve been very natural with just using instinct to move forward.” Consequently his is a very streamlined process, but it’s also very open and flexible. Mr. Angel’s creations are a result of joyful and unrestrained experimentation. In the end when you are looking at his pieces you are seeing what he saw initially recreated with stunning accuracy. Michael Angel and his talented team are continuing to forge a whole new direction with prints yes, but more than that with the execution of his wonderful and unique vision.


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