5 Minutes with Cognac Wellerlane

by Sandy Ramirez

While waiting for the Venexiana show, I met one of Fashion Week’s Grande Dames, Cognac Wellerlane. Cognac has a TV show and website called Cognac’s Corner out in Los Angeles, conducting interviews of celebrities and fashion luminaries in the City of Angels.

5 Min – What is behind your super style ways?

CW – I have a passion for fashion! I love the Hollywood & New York lifestyles. The glamour and glitz of it all.

5 Min – From all the Fashion Weeks you’ve attended, what have you found most memorable?

CW – Having all those PETA people yelling at me because I wear fur. It happens every time I come here. Another thing I remember is Donald Trump running in and kissing Beth (Howard Stern’s wife) while I was interviewing her. It ruined my interview!

5 Min – Who haven’t you interviewed yet that you really want to talk to?

CW – Susan Lucci.