Horace – Esprit de Corps – Fall 2010 – London

A combination of many of the concepts and constructions that have become part of the British fashion scene in the past two decades.

story by Seth Friedermann
photos by Freda Henry

Inside of any artistic movement there comes a time where what was once “futuristic” shifts to ”modern” or the even more diluted “contemporary.” This often causes the artist to be viewed as less “visionary” or “innovative” which is insipid thinking because the artist is simply being who they’ve always been and their art is continuing to evolve organically. The fashions that have been coming out of England for the past 15 to 20 years have been amongst the most inventive and daring on Earth. Eventually though the techniques and treatments that create the styles become entrenched and the pace of innovation cools. Continue reading “Horace – Esprit de Corps – Fall 2010 – London”