Matthew Ames – Spring 2011

With a minimalist approach to design, it’s very important to not drift into dullness, and Matthew Ames’ Spring 2011 collection stayed intriguing and spellbinding throughout.

story by Seth Friedermann
photos by Martin Bielecki

When fashion industry people talk about “cuts” they mean exactly what you think they mean and not exactly what you think they mean. Inigo Montoya like, “let me s’plain. No, wait, there is too much. Let me sum up.” Yes it is where and how a designer lays scissor to fabric, but it is also how that cut interacts and is formed and moves on the body parts on which it lays. To cut well is to understand how different fabrics are affected by anatomy and kinetics. Matthew Ames cuts well. In boldest fact, Matthew Ames cuts extraordinarily well. His Spring 2011 collection was primarily silks and linens and he displayed a deep understanding of how those fabrics shape and move on a woman’s body. Mr. Ames’ talents very clearly shone through in his design details and in his ability to balance freedom of movement and structure. In fact in every aspect of the collection there was balance. From cuts to color, the whole collection was stunningly beautiful. Continue reading “Matthew Ames – Spring 2011”