Understanding Fabiola Arias

“I’m really inspired by nature and making my own textures and surface treatments.That’s really my main interest in design. I’m not satisfied buying something already made.I really loved the challenge of cutting up and shredding fabric and stitching it back together. Collaging it. I felt like I was painting with fabrics.”

interview by Charles Beckwith
photography by Ned and Aya Rosen
hair styling by Hitomi Mura
make-up by Isabel Ruiz
artwork by Aya Rosen
model Olga Karlovich from One Management

Fabiola Arias was born in Havana, Cuba, and July 18th of this year was the 20th anniversary of her arrival in Miami. Attending arts schools since she was a child, Ms. Arias has a background in sculpture and painting. The mediums collide with fabrics in her collections, where she likes the idea of not working on flat surfaces. It has led her to be interested in creating her own fabrics, the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award, brand placement in the Neiman Marcus couture boutiques, and an almost cult following by some of high fashion’s most elite consumers. Continue reading “Understanding Fabiola Arias”