Fratelli Rossetti – Spring 2009 Collection

by Charles Beckwith

photos by Sandy Ramirez and Charles Beckwith

Fratelli Rossetti, producers of Italian leather shoes and accessories, recently premiered a new line at the Italian Consulate on Park Avenue, anticipating the upcoming 30th Anniversary of their New York Boutique, established in 1949. All their products are made in Italy, about 20 minutes drive outside Milan. Shoes and handbags of impeccable quality are produced and expected.

Although they come out with new shoes each season, their products are rarely something you would discard after one year. Their design team seems to not chase or try to make short term trends, preferring to make timeless pieces that will be as attractive this season as next, and perhaps equally 100 years from now.

“One” is the newer active womens’ collection, with comfortable yacht shoes, running shoes, and other more casual footwear.

Standing out in the main Fratelli Rossetti womens’ line was a distinct pair of masculine-form oxfords.

Look how elegant the shape of the heel is on the white shoe pictured below. These are works of art.

They are accompanied by a large number of other strong casual and formal footwear silhouettes, and a lot of fun warm colors.

Less fun was on display in the mens variants, but still shoes I think people would look forward to putting on and walking about in.

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