7 For All Mankind – Spring 2009 Collection

by Charles Beckwith

I recently had the opportunity to preview the 7 For All Mankind spring collection. I noticed lots of color, detail, and good pockets. Definitely saw some earmarks of a trend following brand, but then… they do it so well. Great detail on the pockets, well-executed lines, and design director Larissa Noble’s team seems well aware of what really works with denim. Tops, purses, and light outerwear are on the way. They seem especially adept with small leather items.

The company makes a lot of jeans, but this season a select few of their highest end pieces will be specially numbered, with only a limited series of 777 being produced. Sure to be collectors items, but not for the faint of wallet.

I was prodded to feel one specific pair of “summer jeans,” and the material was very airy, almost as light as silk, but still possessing the durable material strength one expects from jeans. Surely something many women will be interested in for the warmer months.

As always, looking forward to another of their Patrick Demarchelier-shot campaigns.

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