Plenty by Tracy Reese

by Charles Beckwith

This season’s Plenty by Tracy Reese will be released in three phases. They are named Acrobat, Scheherazade, and Where The Wild Thing Are. Not a lot of innovation or passion on display in this collection. The clothes are made solidly, but there isn’t much exciting about them design-wise. There was a great sense of “I’ve seen this before.”

Three things did stand out for me. One was a blue lace over grey corset top (and dress) from the Scheherazade set.

Another was the black and bronze pattern in the Wild Things set.

In the back of the store was the frock! by Tracey Reese collection, divided into Fully Amused, Dreamland, and Mermaid Parade. I saw an undersea vegetation-looking lace strapless dress in green, which also comes in blue and purple. The layering of the lace was fun, but not much of a leap.

With this journal we are looking for sparks, and in this presentation there weren’t really any sparks at all. Perhaps we should stick with designers’ main collections.

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