by Charles Beckwith with photos by Freda Henry

Freda and I had the opportunity to preview the Spring 2009 Women’s Collection from Tumi.

Tumi has long been known for producing some of the best functional luggage int he world. What I found particularly interesting in this new collection was a line of locking purses, where the zipper pull locks into the side of the bag for security.

This is available on several mid-sized hand bags and on some smaller accessories in their white and salmon-pink Villa travel line. They have made the function of traveling with your belongings secure a less obnoxious and more beautiful part of the accessory.

Tumi Creative Director David Chu is known for starting Nautica. When he moved to Tumi he did a lot of masculine pieces in functional black ballistic nylon. In 2007 the women’s collection was added. These pieces are mostly in the classic Mediterranean color range.

The Voyager collection is dark blue with turquoise lining.

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