Logan Neitzel – Fall 2011

story by Dana Varon
photos by Aeric Meredith-Goujon

Logan Neizel is known for a lot of things; his Project Runway stint, his boyish good looks, his rock and roll semblance– well, he is all of that, but has moved on way past his Project Runway days, though he feels it was where he was supposed to be then. Now he shows what he can do with leather showcasing neck and wrist cuffs with long, hanging fringes, bandeau, little mini skirts solo and also with attached swatches of long, flowing black or red chiffon, He additionally adds a pop of color with red pieces of leather patches on black leggings (available in all black too) and a red/black stringy yarn type throw-over. Neitzel told me of his influence when he lived in Seattle seeing music and listening to rock which seems to creep into his designs in a modern way and garner his attitude towards leather– which he feels should become your own like an old hole-y rock tee that just gets better and better with wear. So true. This louche look is evident in his pieces, including his own waist-dangling fox-tail. It was also evident in the punk soundtrack backstage and incense infused air out front. These are pieces anyone can pick up to add their own edge – no matter what they’re wearing.

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