Dangerous Mathematicians – Designer Dossier

“For my ready to wear, I prefer cottons with a little stretch and a little sheen. Cotton sateen is my favorite. I like its hand, and its subtle sheen. It’s thick enough to hold you in, but flexible and soft enough to keep you mobile. For fancier custom work, I like silk taffetas, iridescent shantungs, jacquards and brocades. The jaquards and brocades give my shapes character. The iridescence and sheen of raw silk give my shapes brilliance. Colors and patterns can make a design beautiful. But they should never overtake the design, or the fit of a garment.”

interview and lookbook shots by Sandy Ramirez
designer portrait by Darrah Leffler

Designer: Karen Patwa
Astrological sign: Leo
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Labels: mspatwa 2002-2005, Dangerous Mathematicians 2005-
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