Fratelli Rossetti – Fall 2011

Put a Fratelli Rosetti pump next to a cheaply made heel and it’s a stakes grade thoroughbred next to a donkey.

story by Seth Friedermann
photos by Freda Henry

Endurance is not out of style. In today’s disposable world, convenience and price matter more than permanence on a cultural level, and its amazing that labels like Fratelli Rossetti thrive. Passe notions such as familial tradition and a commitment to craftsmanship are at the core of this classic Italian shoe company. Season after season Fratelli Rossetti creates breathtaking examples of the cobbler’s art. There is always a classic nature to their shoes. Distinctiveness in their shoes and boots comes from subtle detail and the almost spiritual ability of high quality leather and construction to stand out. Put a Fratelli Rossetti pump next to a cheaply made heel and it’s a stakes grade thoroughbred next to a donkey.

Yes, they are traditional and ignore trends, but there has always been and always will be a market for that. Fratelli Rossetti is not staid however, they do create exciting new styles each season. They find imaginative ways to treat their leathers and cut their shoes that creates visual interest of the type that draws eyes more than it draws celebrities. For the presentation, designer Rebecca Moses created a great illustrated story using shoes from the Fall 2011 Fratelli Rossetti collection. There was a wealthy, spirited and fun-loving woman who lived in a shoe. Several shoes in fact, in all of the great cities of the world. The tale was a a perfect compliment to the collection. A Fratelli Rossetti shoe or boot is at home anywhere in the world because elegance and craftsmanship are desired globally, they endure.

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