Mimi Plange – Fall 2011

Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga California designer Mimi Plange has all of the tools to create a very strong career.

story by Seth Friedermann
photos by Freda Henry

It is unfair to use the same standards when discussing a designer in her fifth season that you will use in her tenth. That said, fashion has a step learning curve and you need to mature very quickly as a designer to stay in business. Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga California designer Mimi Plange has all of the tools to create a very strong career. She understands fit, fabric, and finish very well. She creates interesting concepts and uses clever construction techniques to carry her inspiration and message into the garments. Continue reading “Mimi Plange – Fall 2011”

Reem Acra – Bridal Fall 2011 – New York

There were sparkles everywhere, the dresses just sang in the light as they moved.

story by Charles Beckwith
photos by Adrianna Favero

Master designer Reem Acra, who recently gave a wonderfully inspirational auto-biographical talk at TEDx in Doha, presented a cinema-themed Fall 2011 bridal collection in her Fifth Avenue New York showroom. Each look took the name of a romantic film, though direct visual connections to those films were not often plain. Continue reading “Reem Acra – Bridal Fall 2011 – New York”

Ines Di Santo – Spring 2011 Bridal

If you know a woman who is bold, daring, and always cuts a swath through the crowd of the ordinary, and she’s getting married. Tell her she must absolutely visit Toronto and view both of the Di Santo salons.

story by Seth Friedermann
photos by Sandy Ramirez

The day of a woman’s wedding is to some minds the one day of her life that she can turn herself into a living creation of fantasy. By it’s nature it is her fantasy, and every person’s vision of the perfect embodiment of fantasy differs. However, there must be a group of common elements in those fantasies, otherwise fashion designers, whose livelihood depends on supplying that vision, would be the purest of couturiers providing one dress at a time to each client’s specifications. This is obviously not the case as we have seasonal collections wherein each designer presents their ideals of that fantastical garment by the dozen. The individual interpretations of those deeply ingrained yet shared ideas are what makes one wedding designer’s work different from another. Understand that, and you will appreciate the Canadian-based couture bridal label Ines Di Santo on a whole other level. Continue reading “Ines Di Santo – Spring 2011 Bridal”