Natur Gala – Basel, Switzerland

It was nearly impossible to identify individual collections in the rest of the show, due to the wild mixture and diversity in styling. The focal point of this fashion show was not to present a single fashion label or their garments, but to present the audience with a variety of organic and fair trade fashion-savvy garments.

story by Boris Marberg and Alexandra Dawes
photos by Boris Marberg and Wolfgang Wöhrle

Parallel to the running of New York Fashion Week, the modaCYCLE Europe team covered the Swiss trade fair “Natur” in Basel. The highlight of that event was the big gala on February 12th, a platform for the “Schweizer Prix NATURE”, which is honoring sustainable projects. Continue reading “Natur Gala – Basel, Switzerland”

Fashion Ethics? Green is good.

“Clothes are more than what you wear, they’re how you choose to live.”

reportage and photos by Boris Marberg

The “green is the new black” trend has been showing up for a while, but the new buzzword is “ethical.” This is not just the organic materials and dyes or cloth shopping bags, but a leap into defining not just environmentally friendly products, but people friendly process. This delves beyond organic materials and goes into defining fair business practices when dealing with garment workers in developing nations. Continue reading “Fashion Ethics? Green is good.”